What Matters Most

This morning, my husband made breakfast, bacon and eggs…he makes the best scrambled eggs. We all agree. After breakfast, I brought Rose up for an early nap since she was up most of the night…still teething?

As the house settled down from the Sunday morning awakening, I settled in at the kitchen table to peek ahead at the coming work week and see what planning needed to happen before Monday began. As I drafted emails and browsed You Tube videos for a lesson in third grade, Adi, who had also settled at the kitchen table, placed the pad she had been working in right on top of my keyboard. “Can you write, ‘I was grateful to sit at the table eating with you?'”

My eyes adjusted to what now lay in front of me. Her gratitude journal, started sometime in August and forgotten as the busy school year monopolized our days. Adi had taken it upon herself to dig it out and take a moment to write her gratitude for the day, already before 10 am.

When I finished scrawling her words across her page, right above her beautiful sketch of us sitting at the table together, I closed my laptop and put my work away. I made a mental jot of my gratitude for the day.

I’m grateful for my four year old reminding me what really matters most in life.



15 thoughts on “What Matters Most

  1. THAT is THE BEST! Children are wise in ways we are too busy to see! Adi’s sketch is a keeper for sure! Someday, that page in her gratitude journal could turn into a story – “At the Table with Mom”….

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    1. We share gratitudes on our morning drive… it’s my way of balancing out all the rushing and reminders to keep moving in the morning! We need to find more time for the writing part!


  2. I love this so much! I love that she values her journal, that she took the time to appreciate the experience of all being together, and that you stopped and had gratitude for her. The whole entire experience…love, love, love this.

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  3. Oh, four year olds are so GOOD at reminding us of things like this. What sweetness – and what a gift that gratitude journal is. Also, inspired in part by your August post, I’ve been asking my complex 8-year-old about gratitude many nights before bed. It’s a wonderful part of our day – so thanks for that!

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