Living a writerly life just might save breakfast…

It was an ordinary Tuesday morning. I had just dropped off all three girls to my mom, no Adi in the car to keep me company before dropping her off at preschool. I was listening to Trevor Noah recount his early years as he narrated his book, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. I hardly noticed the red light I was stopped at, just part of the autopilot routine of getting to work. I was stopped right next to an entrance to a gas station, getting lost in a story, when I noticed a problem.

A car exiting the gas station was getting ready to pull out, probably hoping I’d let him cut in front of me, with a brown Dunkin Donuts bag sitting right there on the roof of the car. That’s so sad, I thought to myself. That poor person is going to lose their breakfast. 

I could help, I thought. But how?

I could beep. But how would he know I was beeping at him? I could roll down my window, but I didn’t think that would catch the drivers attention. What if I waved my arms, maybe then I’d catch his eye.

I went with the arm waving, totally out of character to be drawing attention to myself. I leaned towards the passenger side window and waved my right arm up and down frantically.

It worked. The driver saw me and looked at my quizzically. I smiled…awkwardly I’m sure.

What now? I hadn’t thought beyond getting his attention.

I rolled down the window and pointed at the brown bag. “Your donut I shouted!” pointing wildly to the bag. “Your donut is on top of the car.”

It all clicked. The man realized what the crazy girl in the minivan was trying to communicate. He raised a hand in thanks and opened his car door to retrieve the bag.

I took off for the highway, feeling extremely proud that I had saved breakfast.


13 thoughts on “Living a writerly life just might save breakfast…

  1. I clicked on my email, saw your slice had been posted! Ohh..”writerly life” is all I saw and clicked to read. I was selfishly looking for inspiration for my crafting my own slice! I did not get what I was in search of but I got something better…a good ole fashioned chuckle! Great slice! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Little kind actions like this make the world a better place. I’m so glad you managed to save his donuts – and that you wrote about it here so that others could smile at the story and remember the power of kindness.

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  3. Do you think he’s writing a slice of life story too? This would be a perfect story to teach perspectives. It would be hilarious to write from the other driver’s perspective, and even from an onlooker’s POV. You have such a great way of bringing us into the moment.

    PS-I’m listening to Trevor Noah, too.

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  4. Good for you! You not only saved breakfast- it’s probably a chain reaction. The man will eat, so he won’t be hungry. Since he’s not hungry, he will be nicer. Since he’s nicer, other people will be nicer too! Well done!

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  5. I love Trevor Noah story -especially the audio! I also love Melanie’s idea of writing from the driver’s POV – that would be hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing – loved how you stretched it out step by step with your thoughts.

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  6. This is a great example of finding a story in an everyday moment. I so enjoyed reading your slice and imagining you waving frantically. You sure made a difference in that man’s day! I’m submitting another vote for Melanie’s idea of writing the moment from the other driver’s perspective as well.
    PS–I’m also going with the crowd on the Trevor Noah story–I listened to it and loved it. It’s a fantastic audiobook!

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