Being The Change: Week 3 #cyberpd

When I first started reading Being the Change, I thought it had some good ideas that would help to foster a stronger classroom community. Now, after finishing the book, I know that the lessons and ideas outlined by Sara K. Ahmed, have the potential to build so much more that just a classroom community.

In chapter 6, “Facing Crisis Together,” Sara asks, “What small acts can we shift day to day?” After reading this book, I think that by opening kids up to be more aware of their own identity so that they can begin to understand others and the perspectives they bring, we will be working towards a greater change. I see so much power in introducing kids to different lenses for viewing the world, the stories spinning around them- in the news, in the books the read, in their own lives. There is also power in us, as adults, doing this work ourselves. “We need to work on getting to the stories of people who don’t look like us, who are marginalized, who are living a reality we can’t fathom.”

In our current world, I’ve often found myself feeling helpless. What can I do to help, to make change?

I retweeted this Tweet from Cornelius Minor back in January. The last few days I’ve also been following along with all of the great ideas being shared from ILA, on Twitter. This sharing among a community of educators makes me feel empowered and excited to do something. Being the Change has given me the tools to take this on. Just like I wrote about in week one of this #cyberpd experience, I believe that this is work that happens all day, every day. Instead of feeling helpless, I now have a million ideas running through my head and I’m excited to grow these ideas with my colleagues in the fall…so we can take this on together.

2 thoughts on “Being The Change: Week 3 #cyberpd

    1. I was going to text you. I think we should all read this book. This is a great avenue for helping kids to read more deeply… and think about the world. Can’t wait to chat more!


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