“You make it look so easy,” she said.

Most days it is…




Of course

Let me help

This is how I make a difference

But today I am depleted

Nothing left to give…



Sitting in the dentist chair

I am on the receiving end

Getting patched up

I am grateful

I am refilled



12 thoughts on “Filling

  1. Wow! That’s good. So much meaning packed in so few words. You sure do give an awful to so many – personally and professionally. When you are in it – it’s hard to know you are making a difference – YOU are. You make it look it easy. Thank you for all you do for me – personally and professionally. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I’ve never thought about a filling this way. You have a gift – really seeing the positive in all that surrounds you (even dental fillings). Why are we feeling so depleted? That would be the perfect word for how I’ve felt this week. Is it the weather? The time of year? The work right now?
    Maybe sometimes it’s OK for you to take a break from helping everyone else, and let someone help you. You are a giver, but it’s OK to take too. I hope the weekend refills you.

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