He walks in

He walks in

The week washes away

Another set of hands

A fresh bottle of patience

An extra referee

He walks in

So does the laughter

A tooth brusher

A “hobbit story” teller

A chariot to deliver tired bodies to bed

He walks in

Our family is complete


17 thoughts on “He walks in

  1. This is lovely. Ditto the other comments on the beautiful tenderness of this piece and the perfect repeating line. I also love your husband’s elevation to “chariot.” Enjoy your weekend!


  2. It’s good to have a teammate. I really love the way the week washes away. Not to get too analytical, but it’s really a cool line. “Week” is a word with an abrupt ending consonant. It’s sort of a hard word, but “washes” is smooth, it softens the week, and then “away” has no hard sound at all. It just drifts off the line. That’s the way a Friday should go, from hard work to drifting off.


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