Meet our accountant

There was a time in my life when I thought I was going to be a math teacher. I’ve always enjoyed how concrete numbers can be and the satisfaction of solving a challenging mathematical problem.

Teaching math as a classroom teacher fixed up a lot of my mathematical quirks acquired from my own schooling. For instance, as a third grade teacher I learned my math facts because I was doing more than memorizing them. My fourth grade teacher taught us only to skip count when it came to our multiplication tables, so shamefully, I still revert back to this at times. 6, 12, 18, 24… Having to teach long division also helped me to finally understand the why behind all of those crazy steps.

Now, as a literacy coach, math instruction is not something high on my radar. The programs have changed, the concepts I used to teach in third grade are now taught in first…needless to say, I’m outdated.

Yet, once a year, I look forward to pulling out my math hat. Despite the fact that my husband is an accountant, I take great pride in being the one who prepares our taxes (with the help of Turbotax). I love pulling out all of the forms and receipts I have collected throughout the year, categorizing, and piling them. I enjoy adding in all of the figures, watching the refund calculator on the side of the computer screen rise and fall. Will the outcome be positive or negative?

Once the returns are submitted, I feel overwhelmingly accomplished and satisfied. A big grown up task complete, all thanks to me.


11 thoughts on “Meet our accountant

  1. I can relate to your satisfaction in working with numbers and I toyed with the idea of teaching math myself. On the other hand, I can not relate to your love of doing taxes. At all. lol Congrats on crossing it off your list though!


  2. I was an economics major back before teaching came into my radar. A few years ago, a difficult fourth grade class had me helping out during math instruction. As with you, this wasn’t the math of my math for elementary school teachers class. I can still dazzle my husband with my head math, but I now leave our taxes to a very nice tax accountant.


  3. YIKES! I am impressed! The thought of having to organize, prep and actually do the taxes makes me want to run away! I agree with you that being a classroom teacher taught me to appreciate and understand math in new light! When I first started, I also thought I’d go in the math direction – now look at us! Go figure! Thanks for sharing!


  4. We do wear many hats! i like how you weave your personal experiences into your tax narrative. I used to do our taxes too, but it was way simpler then. “Hats off to you!”


  5. It’s so funny that you share this. I am really not good with numbers, and I consider myself such a process person, not so focused on the task. I wouldn’t think I would like this kind of task, but I too enjoy preparing taxes and even enjoyed completing the FAFSA forms for student loans when the girls were in college. There is something about those tasks that feel finite, done, completed. That’s not something I usually feel in my daily life.


  6. Love how you build this once-a-year-I-love-numbers piece! My wife prepares our taxes (although we’ve dumped Turbo after it froze one year and our entire 10 hours of work disappeared into the virtual ether), but I’m not sure she loves it as much as you. Thanks for sharing this!


  7. I, too, am an English teacher who loves math. And I really relate to your experience teaching math – that’s when I learned the most, too – well, that and helping my guys learn it now. That said, my economist husband does our taxes because, while I love numbers I hate forms. So count me among the people who are impressed with your weekend hat! 🙂


  8. Well my hat (very bad pun intended!) is definitely off to you. I am completely useless at tax prep and the organization it takes pulling this off every late winter. Thank goodness for minds wired like yours. Fortunately my husband is one of them. He has it down to a science, as it sounds like you do. Bravo!


  9. Lucky you to have one at home! I just visited mine this morning. I couldn’t do my own taxes to save my life. #notamathperson

    My uncle (who passed away in Sept.) was our accountant. Having a non-family member do my taxes is hard for me. (This is year two since he was too sick to do them for me last year.)


  10. Isn’t it funny how something that can be so complex, such as preparing taxes, can be so gratifying to some people? Yay you for being able to switch from wearing your daily literacy hat to your math hat!


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