Snow Day Dreaming

Snow day dreaming

Bags packed

with creating in mind.



Visions of literacy tools

Snow day reality

Hungry bellies to feed

Dirty clothes to wash

Restless bodies to entertain




dance parties


Almost bedtime…

Maybe there is finally time?

Huddled on the playroom floor-



three little girls.

“Don’t eat the crayons, Rose!”

“No, not the dog food!”

Back to snow day dreaming



12 thoughts on “Snow Day Dreaming

  1. “Restless bodies to entertain” – what a way to put it! You capture the contrast of the dream and the reality with carefully chosen words! Love it! I can hear you saying “Don’t eat the crayons, Rose!” Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. I like your “dreaming – reality – dreaming timeline poem.” I’m thinking its brevity belies the reality or perhaps it is a evidence of the realitiy. I noticed you got a “sketch” in during your drafting of the poem.

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  3. Every time I feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up with this writing challenge and teaching job, I remind myself that all I have to do at home is set out the kibble and walk the dogs. You’re doing all this in a fraction of the time that I have. I think it’s clear from other posts that some of your dream world is actually blending with reality. They’re lucky girls. I really like how this poem drifts between the waking world and the dream world. Probably a little like the kind of sleep you get these days.

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  4. I love the contrast between your snow day dreams and your reality. So funny! I always anticipate that I’m going to get tons done and I seldom do. And I’m an empty nester! I like your return to dreaming at the end of your poem–it’s so hopeful!

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