Come on in

This week was a whirlwind. Sick kids at home. Many interruptions to my work schedule, causing rescheduling. Every blank box on my calendar has been filled in an effort to not miss anyone or anything. Not a minute to waste… or plan!

I stop by my office just to drop off books or papers and grab the next stack of materials I will need for the next lesson I’m already running late for. There hasn’t been a moment to put anything away. The messy piles stacked around my office mirror the disorganized feeling in my brain. If I had time to write a to-do list, it might never end.

A surprise early dismissal is called. Apparently, we are getting hit with a storm. I hadn’t noticed. Finally a moment to catch up.

As kids are dismissed, teachers find their way to my room. Filling the usually empty chairs around my messy table, standing in the doorway, passing by and getting sucked in.

There are piles to be organized, books to be put away, lessons to plan.

Those things can wait. I have company.


9 thoughts on “Come on in

  1. Isn’t it the truth? Sometimes they are waiting two deep. But that’s so good… so good. That means we’ve done what we set out to, created relationships with folks so they feel comfortable stopping by. One of these days, I’m going to put a coffee pot in the literacy center so that it feels even more homey. Hope to see you today. I’m getting in the car now.


  2. You are so wise. You know what’s important and what can wait. I can’t wait to see you later today at TC (ReadingTeachersU – I hope I meet you there too. We should all get SOLC t-shirts!).

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    1. I was thinking that! Some sort of badge or button… I’ve read of so many people that are going. We may just pass them by! If I see you, I’ll hug you. I’m sure we will be choosing some similar sessions. We will be in touch!

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  3. What a message in your short slice! People matter more than piles and messes and screens! When we stop and enjoy the company we are contributing to community and that is what matters most! YAY you!!! Have a great day at TC! Thanks, as always, for sharing your words and yourself!

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  4. “Those things can wait. I have company.” I completely agree. Taking time to build relationships with my colleagues is just as important (if not, more important) than the piles of papers. Love this reminder!


  5. So glad you have today to be in the company of teachers who can feed you! It sounds like YOU are that for those at your school but it is equally important to be in the room where you can gather to learn from others, too! Enjoy your day. Sad my train didn’t get me to be there too:(

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  6. I have worked hard at reminding myself that the piles at school and the mess of toys at home aren’t going anywhere unlike people. It made me smile reading your last line… “Those things can wait. I have company.”

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