What are your plans?

“What are you doing over break?”

That is the question.

What I won’t be doing…rushing. Our daily routine involves getting everyone out the door by 6:15 am. With a lot of moving parts involved, everyone gets to daycare, school, and work. With any lucky, I get everyone picked up again and we are back home by 5pm…ish.  Then the business of getting ready to start all over happens. There are bathes to be had, lunches and dinners to be made, and books to be read.

I never really make plans for breaks because I just enjoy being. Waking up without an alarm. Having breakfast with my kids, something other than reheated oatmeal while driving.

Dropping Wren off at school, watching her unicorn backpack disappear as she bounces into the school building.

Visits with my Mom and Dad. Exchanging more than just the daily rundown of who ate what, who napped, who used kind words.

Long FaceTime visits with my sister and her family in NC.

Morning grocery shopping, when it isn’t crazy busy and I can take my time.

Watching the girls play and create, not worrying about the messes they make. There will be time to clean up. Extra snuggles. Extra books.

Organizing the things I just throw into the closets during the work week. Refolding all of my husband’s clothes that have somehow become a mess despite the labels I thoughtfully placed to mark where everything could go…

Not stressing when the baby is up all night and may need a visit to the doctor. “We will take the 9:45 appointment.” We have no plans.

Afternoon walks in the spring like weather with a stop at the park. Workouts in the living room, immediately followed up with an uninterrupted shower as everyone is napping. That never happens on a normal day.

2017 picture book created and ordered along with the letters to the girls. Time spent reliving all that whizzed by us in the last year.

Time to make everyone’s favorites. Pizza rolls, chocolate chip muffins, and vegetable soup.

Small moments not taken for granted.



8 thoughts on “What are your plans?

  1. That sounds like the ideal recharging. I like how you’re still a verb person, even during a break—organizing, creating, FaceTiming, snugglling. This feels like flipping through snapshots of a good staycation.


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