We had just finished reading a few books before bedtime. These days, Wren has to read to us. As we sat cuddled under a blanket on the couch. No one wanted to make the first move towards the bathroom for “teeth,” the next item on the bedtime checklist. Wren asked, “Why is sleeping part of life? Was life different a long time ago?”

“Yes, it was different, but people still had to go to bed.”

“But was life different in the old days?”



“In the real old days, there were no cars….”

“What was there? Well…I know. Men driving horses.” Wren laughed as if that is the most ridiculous thing she had ever considered. “Is that how it was when you were there?”

“No. We always had cars.”

“Were the TVs only black and while? Poppy said they were only black and white when he was a little boy.”

“No,” I replied as I shooed the girls towards the bathroom before the questions continued.

Coming back a few minutes later she started again. “Once, were there no people in life?

I just look at her, lost for words. There are so many questions.


11 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. First, let me tell you what a great job you are doing by raising readers. There were days when my daughter & I used to take turns reading. Our son decided to join in.

    Now, to your son’s question: It is something to think about, ya?

    With social media permeating our lives, it seems we are going to “No People” zone. How often we see group of people sitting next to each other – at lunch counter of populated eatery, at hospital, at school… each one absorbed in their electronics.

    Your son’s question is making me think, are we communicating enough or are we just existing?

    Happy Reading.

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  2. I love the questions of the very young, how they grapple with the world, and how new it all is to them. It’s a chance to taste that newness, that wonder, again … so refreshing even while often humorous … and sometimes even profound.

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  3. It is often in those bedtime discussions that you really get to know your children, because they feel more free and open (that and car discussions when they are in the back seat and can not look directly at you). I love the way you captured the push and pull of time and questions.

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  4. A true slice from mom of three young girls. It takes me back in time. I love the questions she asks as she widens her understanding of the world! It all came from sitting and reading, together! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I love the wonder! It’s one of many many things that I wish my kids wouldn’t ever lose. I sometimes think that adults should wonder more…perhaps we might still see the innocence in the world and not always think we “know it all.” 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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  6. Loved reading your slice. I so love the questions of the young and the thinking threads that emerge. Some are so unexpected, like one that one of our little ones asked recently, “Just what kind of creature is Piglet?” And it’s so interesting when two of them get together and the one asks a question and the other gives an explanation.

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