OHI0597+BookaDay-2017-Copyright-flat600I’m in the process of planning to kickoff a #BOOKADAY challenge for myself beginning in January. I’ve been thinking for a while, how can I spark more joy while at the same time promoting more read aloud? I’m hoping to read a book a day to different classes in my school. This will offer me the chance to see more kids, plan more read alouds, and also model for teachers. Joy all around if you ask me!

Today I drafted a letter to classroom teachers. I Googled #BOOKADAY for some inspiration and of course found myself on Donalyn Miller’s page. I included this quote in my draft:

It’s about rediscovering your reading mojo…an opportunity to hit the reset button on our reading lives, connect with other readers, celebrate books, and remind ourselves how much reading matters in our lives and the young people we serve.

This pretty much sums up where I am right now. I’m ready to hit reset in order to connect with others while celebrating some awesome books. I don’t know about you, but books make their way into my TBR pile way faster than I can read them these days. The possibilities are endless.

Today, I’m beginning my research for books to share for my #BOOKADAY challenge and I’m starting with a pile that our school librarian has shared. Every once in a while, I find a book left in my room or in my mailbox with a note like this:


I’ve been piling up these books for a while. But today is the day I’m going to hit pause and take the time to read them.

download (1)

Red and Lulu, by Matt Tavares

I purchase my kids new Christmas books every year. I ordered this one, sight unseen. What a beauty! This book tells the story of Red and Lulu, cardinals, that become separated when their tree becomes the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree. The story of their journey is told through a simple story and beautiful illustrations.

download (2)

The Library Book, by Tom Chopin and Michael Mark

A celebration of all the joy that a library holds. There is a wonderful rhythm to this book. A fun book to read aloud, I’m sure!

download (3)

Hendy’s Journey, by Michelle Bisson

The story of Hendy’s, a Hungarian girl, journey through Europe during WWII. This book is filled with information about the difficulties of the world during WWII as Hendy and her family face obstacles after obstacle on their way to safety in the United States. The amazing thing about this story is that it is based on the author’s mother’s real life journey. Michelle Bisson used her mother’s journal and the stories she heard growing up to write this book.

download (4)

A Different Pond, by Bao Phi

There is so much here. The small bits that paint a picture of the challenges these refugees have and continue to face, while at the same time some of the joy in their lives. The illustrations, by Thi Bui, are great. Many pages are drawn in different cells, showing passages of time.

download (5)

This house, once, by Deborah Freedman

A sweet journey from oak tree to home.

download (6)

Pocket Full of Colors, by Amy Guglielmo and Jacqueline Tourville

I think this is my favorite in the stack! This is a biography of Mary Blaire, “Disney artist extraordinaire.” Another story about a life’s journey, this time collecting color and making a place for those colors in a black and white world.


Mr. Particular, by Jason Kirschner

A fun read. Told in a graphic novel/comic like way. Kids will relate to this particular little guy!

As I made my way through today’s stack of books, I noticed a reoccurring theme-in each book the characters were on a journey. Some of their own choosing and others forced by circumstances beyond their control. Thank you to Rae Anne for sharing all of these titles with me. I can’t wait for the journey that these books, and many others, will bring us.


9 thoughts on “Journey

  1. This is great. Does #bookaday mean that you share (read aloud) a book a day or that you read a book a day yourself? I’d like to try to carve out that time for read alouds as well. In my class or elsewhere.

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  2. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Book A Day challenges that I tried to do one this year with my class. Darned curriculum gets in the way though! We’re 1/3 of the way through the school year and have read about 43 books. We should be closer to 60. But, hey, we’re trying! It’s fun having a common language of stories 🙂 Your TBR pile looks wonderful! I have the Matt Tavares one (Maine author/illustrator!!!) but am not familiar with the others. I can see that I’m going to need to hit the library!


  3. “I’m ready to hit reset in order to connect with others”- best line! Bring joy through read aloud is beyond fabulous! Resetting yourself to connect is a powerful mindset! Yay you! I always admire how you take an idea, let it sit, and then go for it! Again, yay you! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Teaching gets in the way of my reading life. I’m hoping to finish several books I’ve started during Christmas break, and if I could, I’d let my students sit and read all 75 minutes of class every day. Now I have even more books to add to my TBR pile w/ your fabulous list.


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