Back to simpler times…

I wasn’t going to write. Since going back to work, I try to get a rough draft of my Slices done by Sunday. That didn’t happen this weekend. When I made my declaration about ending my Slicing streak to my friend Dawn, she laughed and said, “You will write.”

I gave her my laundry list of excuses.

  • Everyone’s so stressed around here. I don’t feel like it.
  • I didn’t sleep last night. Constipated baby.
  • We have a faculty meeting.
  • I have nothing to write about.

This last one is where she got me. “Let’s go for a walk. We will find something!”

We walked together through the halls where the lights were dim, powered by the school’s generators that kicked in following a power failure earlier in the morning. Dawn commented, “It’s so quiet without the buzz of the lights.” It had been a weird day, the power had been out for a few hours at this point. But as we walked by classrooms in the midst of indoor recess, reading, writing, science, and snack- there was a different kind of buzz. It was the sound of engagement. Kids caught up in conversations, books, writing, and each other. Kids leaning in- to book, to wonder, to each other.

“Maybe we should unplug and go back to simpler times more often…” I thought aloud.


Thanks to Dawn for taking me on our own informal learning walk. She helped me find the joy and inspiration to write today despite a lot of excuses. The alternative tonight would have been a Slice about poop in the bathtub. Here’s hoping the sleep excuse from my list will be checked off tonight-now that the constipated baby is taken care of.



9 thoughts on “Back to simpler times…

  1. I’m so glad you had a friend to nudge you and that you were able to participate. It always feels so much better when you do, doesn’t it? I also almost didn’t write today and then wrote about a power outage. On a side note: Yay for unconstipated babies!–I’m way past the life stage of writing about poop in the tub…or (scary thought!) maybe I’m just not there yet?

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  2. I know exactly how you feel. So many pressures make us think we can’t or don’t need to. BUT, it is always good to write. It’s good for the soul. So glad you gave yourself the time to do it.


  3. I had the same feeling this week, but managed to slip a slice in before Tuesday was gone. I really liked our power outage day. My kids were reading and writing by flashlight, since our room doesn’t get much natural light, but it felt like we were on an adventure. Another connection: I, too, was cleaning up after someone this morning. Apparently dogs don’t buy into the whole “fall back, spring forward” thing. Apparently I just woke up an hour too late for someone who doesn’t use a clock to tell time.

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