Stay The Course

I wasn’t going to Slice this week. It would have been the first Tuesday I missed since signing up for the Slice of Life Challenge in March. Last week as hurricanes and storms devastated areas across the world, I was experiencing my own emotional storm. Facing sending my daughter to school, maternity leave ending, and a few other unexpected obstacles- I just wanted to run away and hide.

However, the universe always seems to give me what I need just when I need it. Yesterday, as my husband got out of bed to entertain our early risers, I heard him say, “We have to have breakfast so we’ll be ready for church.” I rolled over and thought, I don’t want to go to church today. But I rallied, not wanting to miss the time with my family and I’m glad I did.

At church, the preacher shared a second sermon in a series based on the book of Haggai. He shared stories that I’m sure most of us can relate to, regardless of beliefs and religion. The preacher talked about how when we compare things, we set expectations and often times we are left feeling discouraged. But he said it’s important to stay the course, knowing that there are people around us who will be there to support us and help us through. As I related these lessons to my toughest week as a parent yet (everything feels more dramatic while you’re in it), I knew I had to push through-stay the course, no matter how challenging that may be. It also helped me to look back and reflect on all of the people that have been there, holding me up and guiding me through.

As I’ve been thinking about this, I realize that this simple lesson can be applied to many situations in my life. As a wife, mom, friend, and teacher. This summer, I read a parenting blog that talked about expectations for cleaning up after play. The writer realized that she was expecting too much of her young children when she asked them to clean up the playroom- to her standards. So she, instead, decided to clean up herself and invite the kids to join in. She found that the kids actually wanted to help and they ended up finding this routine much more efficient and enjoyable.

How often do we set expectations that are unrealistic and then find ourselves discouraged? I’m going to continue thinking about this and reflecting throughout all areas of my life. I’m sure I’ll encounter many situations in the days, weeks, and months ahead where I will have to remind myself to check my expectations and adjust so that I can stay the course… just like I did today by continuing to Slice. 


13 thoughts on “Stay The Course

  1. Phew! I would have thought something was terribly wrong had I not been able to get a sneak peak inside your little world this week! It’s a life lesson to stay the course, hang in there, find the silver lining, I could go on. So so glad you stayed the course and sliced! Thank you!
    love from a faithful reader

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  2. Loved your slice today! I love the lesson of staying the course, I too have to remind myself of that sometimes. Expectations are so tough because we expect so much of ourselves and often times unrealistically so it’s always nice to take a breather and “check your expectations”.
    Thanks for your post!!


  3. Loved your slice today! I love the lesson of staying the course, I too have to remind myself of that sometimes. Expectations are so tough because we expect so much of ourselves and often times unrealistically so it’s always nice to take a breather and “check your expectations”.
    Thanks for your post!!

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  4. Change and shifts in our worlds are always difficult for many of us. Take it, an Annie Lamott wrote, bird by bird: one day at a time, one decision at a time. Things will unfold as they will. Thanks for sharing the lesson from church. Remembering support systems a key, as well as building them stronger.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your learning and motivation with us this morning! Sometimes happiness is just an “expectation adjustment” away. I was having a hard time slicing this morning, too; finally found inspiration in my newest project. It will be a repeat topic for my Facebook friends, but oh, well!

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  6. I really needed this blog post today. I do think we set unreasonable expectations and instead of moving us forward, they get in the way. Staying the course is a good way to look at things sometimes. I’m sorry you’ve had a tough week, but I sure am glad you chose to post your slice.

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  7. Your reminder to consider and reconsider our expectations and to remember all the support we have in place resonated with me as I readjust to the classroom and the hectic school schedule. I’m so glad you shared the story of the mother inviting her children into helping her–there’s power in that move! Hope your this week is less challenging!

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  8. Thanks for the reminder through your post to keep at it, embrace help from others and have realistic expectations. As I started teaching MS after 25 years in ES this year, I see myself remembering often that I’m new…I don’t need to have it all figured out and my expectations get met because I set them at the right height. Thanks for the added reminder today through your post!

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  9. Well, I think it’s pretty cool that you were able to push through a tough week and post this. I missed the Tuesday deadline, but managed a Wednesday post. My wife would say that that was just what I was like in college, too…always missing deadlines but managing to squeak by. Now I’ll just say, “I wasn’t missing the deadline, I was adjusting the expectations.” When we were going through our hardest time, a friend of ours stopped by to find Nancy still in her pajamas and looking pretty disheveled around ten o’clock. “Look at you!” our wise friend said with admiration. “You got out of bed!” Some days, that represents “Staying the course.” Thanks for this post.

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