“You’ve got your hands full.”

hands full

“You’ve got your hand full,” the Target employee chuckles as we walk past the laundry detergent aisle. I’m wearing Rosie in the Ergo while holding Adi’s hand…half dragging her through the store may be more accurate. You’ve got Wren. She’s singing, oblivious to her surroundings.

The woman,still laughing as I respond, “Better than empty,” and flash her a grin. She shrugs her shoulders as we turn into the paper good aisle. Our eyes meet and I offer an explanation, “I’m testing out responses.” I explain that I get this line almost every day, as I wrangle our three young girls in whatever scene we find ourselves that day. I’ve realized that people throw out this saying in one of two ways. The first is with a hint of pity, kind of a “better you than me.” Or every once in a while, it’s more nostalgic. You can almost see those people go back in time, when their hands were also this full.

After picking up the few items we stopped in for,  we push our cart towards the sliding double doors. This time I sensed it coming as I noticed an older woman watching us. “Boy oh boy. You’ve got your hands full.” I turn to give you an I told you so look. “Thank God,” I hear you say as your eyes catch mine. A smile plastered across your face. I smile too. Our hands are full but we’ve got this…together.


This Slice of Life was lovingly written at 2:27 am on our 7th wedding anniversary as I watch our baby cradled in her swing, finally asleep after a few hours of fussiness.


7 thoughts on ““You’ve got your hands full.”

  1. So darn sweet! It can be exhausting living our lives as parents yet it certainly provides fullness that no other experience can offer! Happy Happy Anniversary to you and Arnauld, here’s to many full years!

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  2. Love this, Jess, and I STILL love hearing that same phrase. It was maybe two weeks ago (should’ve been everyday for the past 6 years!) that Butch said, “Hey, we make a good team” amisdst a day of extreme chaos and disarray. I think we had been packing for our week’s vacation which can make any sane couple completely nuts. I love your blog girl! Keep inspiring!

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  3. Jess, I love this! I STILL love hearing this same comment. It was just recently that Butch said, “Hey, we make a good team” amidst packing for a week’s vacation with the kids. (He should’ve been saying this for the past 6 years but okayyyy!) You do have your hands full but in such a good, abundant way and trips to Target actually don’t get easier as they age but who cares. They’re yours and you’re their’s! Happy anniversary! Keep inspiring with your words.

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