An invitation

An invitation to study and research Joy Write….


What transpired was honest conversation. Ten teachers filled with hopes, dreams…concerns.


Left with an assignment:


and a push:


Another invitation:

Me: Girls, do you want to sit at the table and sketch these flowers with me?

Wren: I know mom, let’s do it all together!


Receiving this flower CSA has opened my eyes to a new world, flower farming…something I’ve never given any thought to before. But the farm that provides this CSA has an Instagram account that I’ve been following. All of a sudden, I’m seeing pictures of beautiful flowers and images related to growing these flowers. After receiving my first bouquet of the season, I was curious. What were these flowers called? Where had they come from? I was called to research. I went deeper into the Instagram account and the farm’s website. White double nigella, feverfew, sweet peas. Seeds vs. plugs. Damping and channel trays. A slew of new vocabulary words, tools, and procedures.

As I observe my bouquet, now sitting in the center of the dining room table, these flowers are no longer strangers. I now know their names and how they came to be.


11 thoughts on “An invitation

  1. Very cool. You and your kids are having quite the summer of learning. I had to look up CSA. Not sure how I hadn’t heard of that before. I went to a really great botanical garden in Baltimore this weekend. Lots of flowers I’d never heard of. It won’t let me paste the picture here, so maybe that means I’ll have to write about it tomorrow.

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  2. Well this was just wonderful–the process, the deeper dive, the sharing of ways of seeing and the invention. The invention, especially. I love the image the girls were making. Just so lovely.

    When we take time to notice, we see what we would have likely missed: so often it is love.

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  3. Jessica, I love the writing prompt your group used. It seems to be contagious, doesn’t it? You begin paying attention to more and more, beautiful images, beautiful moments result. Thanks for sharing. You will be a definite flower expert by the end of the year–what a thoughtful birthday gift.


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  4. I tried to click on your images to read the texts, but get the idea I think. I am always dismayed that I do not know the names of more flowers, but you were able to solve that problem. I loved the last two lines, where the flowers have become your friends.

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  5. Great post. I wish I could read the text of the prompt, but even without that, I got the idea. I love how you create such a fertile learning environment for you and your children.


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