July Book A Day

As a mom, I’m always reflecting and working to model and instill positive habits for my kids. We have had a routine of sharing our favorite part of the day off and on for some time now. Last month, I noticed the routine sliding a bit. So I drew a calendar in my sketchbook and made a point to ask and record my kids’ favorite parts of the day each night. This helped me to pick up the habit of asking again. One night, late in the month, as I was putting the girls to bed, Adi declared, “You didn’t ask our favorite part.” Habit established.IMG_4543

This month, I decided to jump on the summer Book A Day challenge with our own spin. This month, I aim to share a new picture book with my kids each night. We’re off to a great start!

July 1


July 2


July 3


July 4


July 5


July 6


July 7


July 8


July 9


July 10

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