I want to remember…

When my first daughter was born, almost five years ago, I remember people telling me how fast the time would go and to enjoy every minute. I took all of that advice to heart and tried to savor every moment. The interrupted and sleepless nights, the milestones met, and each new adventure that being a new parent brought. Now as we prepare for that baby to enter kindergarten in the fall and we have welcomed a third baby to the family, I can’t help but wish that I could slow the clock down. Life is without a doubt busier, but I’m still trying to find time to savor the little things that I know I will someday long for again.

Inspired by a parenting blog I read over the weekend, Don’t Let Me Forget Their Littleness , (who so perfectly captured just what I have been feeling-I sometimes feel that the cyber world hands me just what I need at the very right moments) I started my own list of things to remember in my notebook. Here is what I have so far:

I want to remember:

  • the newborn cry. So distinct. So dramatic. So beautiful.
  • those tiny newborn diapers that seem like they would only ever fit a baby doll.
  • the calm that comes after a big cry and I finally pick you up. My touch somehow makes everything better.
  • those first smiles…real or gas? Sweet nonetheless.
  • the snuggles, baby on the chest, best place in the world for everyone.
  • the three year old questions. Trying to figure out how the world works. One after another. Fast and furious…without a filter.
  • the bond of sisters. How it came naturally. The way each of you looks out for one another.
  • the irrational excuses why you can’t go to bed. “My toenails are hurting.”
  • the confidence of childhood. “I’m the best singer in the whole town.” “I’m really good at soccer.”
  • the quiet that finally overcomes as you all sleep soundly in your beds.


This is a list I will continue to add to as these magical moments strike me…so that I can remember.


I started the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers ,in March of 2017. I was inspired by the community of writers that I found. So I have continued to “Slice” every Tuesday. You can read more here.

8 thoughts on “I want to remember…

  1. I am so inspired by your slice! And even your blog! I am focusing on joy this month, and to find a blog entitled ‘Where’s the Joy?’ is such a blessing. Your words remind me so much of what I’ve tried to do over the years. My baby is 11 and going into sixth grade in the fall. It flies by.


  2. BeUtifully written. Each “remember” could be a post of its own! As usual, your words made smile, warmed my heart, and fueled me with possibilities for writing!


  3. DMSHERRIFF is right. Write a post on each of these moments! Beautiful memories deserve more than a line…. but right now that’s probably all you have time for and THAT’S OKAY. Someday, trust me, you will have the time, since it’s true: childhood is fleeting and needs to be honored and recorded.


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