Gift of time 

How quickly my life has changed in the last three weeks. From working mom to stay at home mom. From uninterrupted sleep to countless wakes throughout the night…not just from the newborn. From time to think to not a moment of peace…or if there is a moment, it’s literally just a moment.

But in all of the chaos and readjusting, I’m taking note and observing. There is so much going on in the world that I don’t see when I’m in my daily routine of dropping the kids off and getting myself to work, every day pretty much the same. I’m suddenly seeing my environment in a new light again.  For example, the traffic patterns around town are completely different at 8:30 am versus 6:30am. People seem to be in much more of a hurry at the later hour, much more horn honking and fingers flying as people are making their way to school and work.

We are also working to find a groove at home. The girls are sleeping in a bit later, closer to 7am than 6. We now have to get three bodies dressed (and accessorized) and out the door, packed into the minivan, to bring Wren to school. Instead of books on tape, we are listening to the Sing Soundtrack on repeat each and every day.

We have been navigating new territory with our threenager, Adi. Since turning three and simultaneously becoming a big sister, her favorite line is”I don’t even care.” As she defies meals, rules, and bedtime I remind myself of tough students, that I always found, “just need to be loved.” So as I juggle the crying baby and and usher Adi back to bed for the twelfth time, I’m taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm.

Life is busy and demanding yet at the same time I have this awesome gift of time to focus on my own children. I’ll be sure to cherish these moments.

9 thoughts on “Gift of time 

  1. Love how you embrace your new normal with your party of five! Enjoy the craziness- and I love your creative word “threenager”- I have a “ten-ager” who has been acting the same way!


  2. I’m simultaneously amazed that you took time to write and post pictures, and sending you a virtual hug for doing so. Writing can be a form of taking care of yourself, a metacognitive moment to look at your life. Thanks for allowing us this peek into your precious times!


  3. This weekly chronicle is quickly becoming one of my favorites! This is my last week of school, so I’m looking forward to the shift in perspective that summer always brings. And my ability to slowly savor these blogs over a cup of coffee, rather than quickly digesting as I’m on my way out the door!

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  4. I love that you are making time to observe and be mindful of this time! In a few years, you’ll remember the chaos but also remember the joy and wonders of these new moments.


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