Home is where your Mom and Dad are…

When I was little, I swore I would live with my parents forever. This weekend, I jokingly reminded them of this and how I didn’t end up that far off. I live about one mile away and see them nearly every day between my girls spending their days with them while I’m at work and just frequent visits. We sometimes think of buying a different house in different towns and then I remember, I need to be close to my mom and dad.

Today, my third baby girl is five days overdue. She has been my latest baby, something I never even considered! I stopped working on my due date and have had a lot of time to think, as I try to patiently wait for this baby to make her grand entrance. This weekend, as my parents played in the yard with the girls, planted flowers in new flower boxes they  installed on the house, and offered to help us in anyway possible, I realized how parenting never ends. It took becoming a parent to realize how selfless moms and dads are. I always knew my parents worked hard and did all they could for us growing up. I just didn’t realize what that actually looked and felt like until I had my own kids…and still I lean on my own parents daily. They continue to give and support, in slightly different ways than when we were younger, but they are there for us through thick and thin nonetheless.


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