Take Your Time

We are still waiting on baby number three. Today is her due date and just like her sisters, she has decided to take her sweet time entering the world. They take after their dad. I’m the punctual one. The anticipation is palpable. No one can wait to get their hands on this little girl, already loved by so many. Yet, I keep whispering to her, take your time. Despite the growing discomfort and limited wiggle room, there is part of me that is not yet ready to share this joy with others. For nearly ten months, it has just been the two of us. Where I go, she goes. I’ve been in total control. All that changes when she enters the world.

I had the same selfish feelings when Wren and Adi were about to be born. How quickly the joy took over and those feelings fled. But for today, I’ll keep whispering…



take your time little one. 



14 thoughts on “Take Your Time

  1. I’m so excited for you! I can relate to that feeling of take your time/come out already! As you know, I had my second child seven months ago and it was a huge change for our family to go from one to two kids. I was being induced so I knew when it was going to happen, but those last few days were such a push-pull for me.

    May everything happen in good time.

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  2. I only have one daughter, but I remember feeling incredibly happy when she was born, but also a teeny tiny bit sad that I now had to share her with everyone else. I did enjoy that time when I had her all to myself, tucked away safely. Wishing you a healthy delivery!


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