Pink Bunny Shoes

Since I’ve become a mom, I’m definitely more of an online shopped…especially since my second daughter was born. The thought of taking two kids anywhere near the mall is exhausting. But yesterday, that was exactly where we found ourselves. Grandma was taking the girls shopping to pick out some new spring clothes.

Grandma and Wren share a love for anything “fancy.” So as we entered The Kids Gap, the sparkles and tutu like dresses spoke to them, quickly filling their arms, one fancier than the next. Poor Adi kept asking, “can I have one too?” as she tagged along, growing impatient that we hadn’t found the area with her size yet.

About twenty minutes later, Wren and Grandma showed signs of slowing down. Wren said, “Let’s give Adi a chance now.” So as we headed toward the toddler section, I prepared myself for more full skirts and sequence. But Adi headed straight for the shoes, kneeling down in front of a display, staring dreamily at the jelly shoes, sparkly ballet flats, and fringed moccasins. She then picked up a pair of bright pink flats with bunny faces on them. “Bunny shoes,” she cried with a huge grin plastered across her face. How could we say no to pink bunny shoes? Adi carried the shoes around as we tried to interest her in dresses and skirts. She wanted no part of any other clothes or accessories. Adi only wanted to know, “When can I wear my pink bunny shoes?”

Classic Adi. Pajamas and pink bunny shoes…on the wrong feet (also tattooed with red marker.)


8 thoughts on “Pink Bunny Shoes

  1. That is the best slice — save it forever. Your girls and your mom will treasure it. Pink Bunny Shoes– what could be better, really?? I want a pair right now. Loved this line: “Bunny shoes,” she cried with a huge grin plastered across her face. How could we say no to pink bunny shoes?
    Thank you for taking me shopping with you!


  2. I, of course, immediately took on the role of Grandma. Of course, if granddaughter wants bunny shoes, she gets bunny shoes. I love everything about this slice. Thank you for sharing it. I agree with Clare; you must save this for your daughter (and her grandmother too).

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