She hums while she eats…

I love the Timehop app. I love to be reminded of memories from years past, especially now that my Timehop is always full of pictures of my girls. Time goes by so quickly and I enjoy starting my day by taking a look back at what we were up to 1, 2, and 3 years ago. Recently, a few videos of my oldest daughter appeared from just a year ago. When I watched the videos I was struck not only by how much she has grown but also by how much her speech has changed in just a year. There was a time I was concerned about her pronunciation of the R sound. I sought advice from our speech teacher at school, asking for tips on ways to help her. I don’t know when she learned to pronounce her Rs, but she does. Now her speech is so grown up and often adult like. Watching the videos made me miss the little girl speech of the past, something that once caused me to worry.

Adi, my youngest, hums when she eats. As a baby she’d be gumming her sweet potatoes or banana and she’d be humming away. As she got older, the humming continued. Adi will be three in May and she still hums when she is enjoying her food. I love it. I listen for it and savor the sound, knowing that it probably won’t last forever. (You can hear a quick sample from just yesterday morning here).

These moments are fleeting. I’m learning to embrace the little things about my kids that they will inevitably outgrow. The words they mispronounce, “lasterday” for yesterday and “macon” for bacon.  The magic with which they view the world and the silly things that fascinate them. I know I will long for these moments someday.





15 thoughts on “She hums while she eats…

  1. Your slice is so accurate, naming the app you use and then adding how it makes you feel. I read it thinking how different it is to be a mother of small child now thanks to technology making it easy to record our lives. My kids are 25 and 28 and for me, it is a photo album. Thanks for teaching me about the app. Maybe I can use it if I become a grandma!


  2. What a great reminder to take more videos and photos of my own kids. I can recall my daughter sounding a lot like that when she was younger. I totally wish I had it on video!


  3. I love time hop or Facebook memories that pop up. It’s fun to see major moments of your life from before or even see how much you’ve changed and grown as well. It’s always the first thing I check on facebook nowadays.


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