Snow Day

Stella didn’t turn out to be the blizzard we were expecting, but it still gave us the gift of a snow day. We packed the day with excitement and joy…and just a few tantrums along the way. Here’s a look at our day through pictures.

We woke up in costume, ready to party!IMG_0541 5

We observed the different patterns of snow falling. My oldest noting that each snowflake is different. “If we were ants, we would be able to notice better.”DSC_0126

We dreamed. “Looks like Daddy’s having fun out there.”DSC_0109

We painted…

Then took a bath.DSC_0121

The girls packed up their bags and took a pretend camping trip from the playroom to the living room.DSC_0136


DSC_0138 2

We snuggled.
DSC_0128 2

We napped.IMG_0441 5

We read books. Some on our own and some together.DSC_0145DSC_0129 2

We prepped, cooked and shared a meal together.DSC_0144


We never got dressed!



9 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I used to keep scrapbooks where I combined pictures and words. You’ve made me want to do that again. It’s a great way to tell a story. We should try it with students too.


    1. I’ll have to show you the books I make the girls. I write them a letter on a blog each week and add pictures from the week. Each year I get it printed as a book. Sounds similar to your scrapbooks- just digital. This would be great to do with kids!

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  2. The view from here tells me it was a perfect day! I can tell you soaked up every opportunity to enjoy this snow day, this family day. You children are adorable and so are your fur kids. Thanks for letting us take a peek into your day! ~Amy

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