Quiet Book Time


It was over February break this year that I started to worry. The days, as a stay at home mom, were long! There were so many minutes to fill, so many activities to suggest and execute, so many bickering matches to referee. Once this new baby comes, we will have five months of this…what will I do?

Thank goodness the weather was unseasonable warm. Each day I loaded the girls into the double stroller and just walked. Miles and miles, armed with snacks, games of “I Spy”, and verse after verse of Wren and Adi’s favorite songs. Yet there was only so far we could go without a destination in sight…all of the parks were still too muddy from all the melted snow-we checked…

After returning home from one of our daily walks, I was trying to get dinner ready in the kitchen. The girls were playing babies quietly in the playroom. And then chaos ensued. Someone had touched someone else’s baby, Adi had the bottle first, and then they were running. Hands covered in something, I quickly considered my options. “Quiet reading time!” I declared. I had never made such a declaration. Sure, the girls loved to look at books and we read together every day-but would they take the bait and settle down to read? I waited to see what would happen. They each ran to the book basket, pulled out a favorite book, settled into a cozy spot and they read. Victory!

Since that day in February, I have called “Quiet Reading Time” almost daily to settle things down, as a suggestion when there is “just nothing to do”, or just because. It’s my new favorite time of the day. I love to see my girls snuggled up with a book, hear their renditions of stories made up or their word for word memories for stories we have shared many times.


4 thoughts on “Quiet Book Time

  1. When my son was little we always had a quiet time to snuggle up and read books. His favorite was to go under the covers and read with a flashlight. Cherish those times. My son is 20 and I miss those days.


  2. Quiet reading time?!?! Love it! I have such fond memories of taking walks with my mother to the library as a young child. We’d browse. I’d read. I’d get to check out books on my own. Those memories have stayed with me all these years later! I’m sure your girls will remember quiet reading time fondly!


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