Awake and inspired.

It’s 5:20 and my alarm is going off…already? Most mornings I stay snuggled under the covers, pushing the limit, so that we all have to rush to get out the door on time. But for the past eight days, I have been up with my alarm, ready to start the day because of this writing challenge. The twenty minutes that I had spend basking in the quiet or avoiding the cold of morning, is now a treat. My time to be part of something that I never knew I was missing but I have found so much joy and inspiration from. I mean, I had seen the orange SOL image on social media before but now…NOW I get it!

I had no idea the number of people, educators, that not only write on a regular basis but share that writing. I have been blown away by what I have read each and every day. I have shared posts with other colleagues, talked about what I’ve read not only with other teachers at school but with my husband, and I’ve been inspired. Awakened to the joy of so many other passionate people committed to their jobs, their families, and causes of all kinds.

I didn’t know that this supportive community existed. I started the challenge just clicking on random links, reading random pieces of writing. I still do that. But there are some writers that I keep coming back to. I feel that I am getting to know them and their style as I read these slices of their lives day after day. Also, the excitement of interacting with others through comments on my own pieces or on theirs-this is the writing community I dream of for the teachers and students in my school.

I have spent the last few days brainstorming and thinking, how do I replicate this?





9 thoughts on “Awake and inspired.

  1. You are up early. I am glad you have found this challenge and community as a positive experience. This is my seventh year participating and I still remember how exciting it was the first time. Happy writing!


  2. Oh I wish I had written this because it’s exactly what has been happening with me. I was feeling badly yesterday because I couldn’t get in reading enough of other people’s blogs and was wondering where I could fit it in today.


  3. I forgot to set my alarm (which I never do), got up 10 minutes late, and panicked! I have to slice, I thought. I can’t start my day without writing anymore. I love it! Writing is a habit. I hope I can keep going long after the challenge is over. Jessica, I hope we will push each other to keep going.

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  4. It is exciting, isn’t it? It also brings me so much closer to my students who are pushing themselves in writing camps this month. I can empathize with their struggles over choosing topics and crafting sentences to make a coherent piece each day. Welcome to the challenge; I hope to see you in the years to come!

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