To my almost middle child…I see you


In eight short weeks, we will welcome a third little girl to our family.  As we prepare to meet this new little girl, my mind is on my second born, my sweet Adi girl…

You came into the world roaring but soon recognized that the position of demanding daughter was already taken by your big sister. You quietly settled into your role, easy to please and always happy. There were days that you were bounced from one apparatus to another as I struggled to keep up with your not even two year old sister. Always watching, soaking it all in. Waiting patiently for your turn that often didn’t come until your sister was finally tucked into bed. I’d rock you as I stared into your big brown eyes and apologize that I had seemingly ignored you all day. I saw you.

I saw you at six months old.  You were standing, ready to move, eager to keep up with the action. “Sit down! You’re a baby!” I’d command as your face lit up and you giggled your sweet little laugh. How did you learn to crawl, walk, and talk without me coaching you every step of the way?

I saw you last week as you decided you were ready to be a big girl and put on your own underwear after getting yourself onto the potty and never looking back.

I see you reading and rereading Brown Bear, Brown Bear on the couch each night. Running back and forth to the book basket, building a stack of books you’ve read to yourself.

I see your excitement about growing into your new role as big sister. The hugs you give the baby and the sweet songs you sing while resting your head on my belly. “Is your baby coming out today, Mom?”  The pride you feel that you gave up your crib and that your baby sister will get to sleep in your old bed. Your wonder as your voice comes from the backseat of the car, “Excuse me mom! Why does your baby get to go to work with you?”

I see you baby girl.




17 thoughts on “To my almost middle child…I see you

  1. Speaking as a parent of three boys, the middle one was always the one we had the most concerns about (something he often earned) but as a high school junior, he has come into his own and is often the glue between the brothers. Our elderly friend, another middle child, used to remind him that he was the peanut butter in the sandwich of his brothers. We used to joke, that just meant he was messy. But what we know is that his ability to navigate the older and the younger gave him a different perspective on the world.
    Congrats on the coming days ….

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  2. I love Kevin’s analysis of the three thing. I have four, so there are two middles–they’re all girls, too. Adi will be okay because she has a mom who will make sure it is. Love the weaving of observations and information in this piece. Looking forward to another family of girls. We have a lot of fun!


  3. What a wonderful love letter to your daughter! Perhaps I felt it especially keenly as I’m a middle child of 5, and my own middle child’s name is Addie (22 next week!) , but it did make me teary. I hope you will print it out and put it somewhere safe so you can share it with your Adi when she’s older. For now kiss those beautiful daughters of yours (have Adi give one to the baby) and enjoy these sweet times–they are fleeting.

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  4. This is just beautiful. The details about little Adi and then the beginning of a transformation into “big sister” is so well done. It feels a little bittersweet…once a baby, now a big girl, but beautiful at the same time. I’ve always had a place in my heart for the middle child. I can’t wait to meet your new little girl.

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  5. So often it seems like being seen and loved is all they’re looking for. It amazed me how different it was with our second and like you noticed, how he learned to do so many things because he wanted to keep up with his big brother. How polite and inquisitive she sounds!


  6. This is so beautiful. Enjoy every moment my dear. Someday she will read this and realize just how much you really saw. Xoxo,

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